Recovery Service

If a person fails to show up for a court date, then they become a fugitive in the eyes of the law and that is where fugitive recovery service comes into play. We offer this service to out-of-state bail bond agents that may be searching for fugitives in Arkansas.  

All our fugitive recovery agents are fully trained and certified and have years of experience in tracking down people and re-arresting them. State law in the area dictates how we can proceed as bail enforcers.

Our agents have the resources to find out fugitive information in a discrete and confidential manner. If you are unsure if a warrant exists for yourself or a loved one we can also track down that information, and provide you with the advice and results you need when you request it. 

For more information on this service we offer, please call 855-778-4210 and Eli McMullan at 501-215-3391.

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